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The Nith is the river that passes through Dumfries.  There are six public bridges that cross the Nith in Dumfries.

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The WhitesandsEdit

The main riverside area in Dumfries is called the Whitesands often referred to as the "Sands".  It is a large open area that extends from the junction of the Buccleuch street to the entrance of Dock Park at St. Michael's street bridge.  Technically although the area between Nith Street and Dock Park is named Dockhead it is usually referred to as part of the Whitesands.

The end nearest the bridge was substantially widened in the early 19th Century to allow better access to the New Bridge.  This resulted in the demolition of several of the arches on the old bridge.

One of the main bus arrival and departure areas operates from the area near the Old Bridge.  This area has been used for buses since they were first introduced in the early 20th century.


The Whitesands and surrounding areas are prone to flooding.  This normally results from a combination of recent heavy rainfall and high coastal tides.  This typically occurs several times a year.  Often it requires closure of some of the large car parks on the Whitesands.  If it is severe the whole area is inaccessible to road and pedestrian traffic.

The Green SandsEdit

Previously a drying green this area was home to the town laundry and public baths. The public baths were built on the site of a school and opened in 1898. They were demolished in 1973. The town swimming pool opened on the Green Sands in 1963. The swimming pool was demolished in 2008 after new swimming facilities were created in the DG1 centre.

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The Mill GreenEdit

This large park area is on the opposite bank from the Whitesands and runs from the suspension bridge to the Robert Burns Centre. The Robert Burns centre was previously the town flour mill, giving the Mill Green it's name. There was previously a small enclosed area containing deer called the deer park. The deer were removed around 2001.

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Whitesands c1885

Whitesands c1930

Public Baths on Green Sands c1930

The Mill Green c1950

Flooded Whitesands 1960s

The Mill Green and Mill Before Redevelopment c1965

View of Whitesands and Green Sands from Camera Obscura 1970s

Demolition of Swimming Pool 2008